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Trailers Kent can provide the trailer to suit your requirements:

General purpose trailers, camping trailers, plant trailers, motor cycle trailers, horse, pony and livestock trailers, flatbed trailers and car transporters.

Trailer brands:

  • Brenderup
  • Fountain
  • Daxara
  • Towabike
  • Indespension
  • Challenger
  • Lider

Servicing and repairs carried out on all makes and parts can be supplied to order. Don't forget to service your trailer before making trips particularly abroad. We can also custom build or modify your old unit.

It may be possible to hire a trailer of your choice before you decide to buy a trailer. Please contact us for a competitive trailer hire quote.


Ref: Trailer GT500_Ali_Top

Ref: Trailer GT500_Ali_Top

Ref: Trailer GT750

Ref: Trailer GT750_Ali_Top

Ref: Trailer 9x5 Belge


Ref: BSX Trailers

Ref: PSX Trailers

Ref: Car Transporter

Ref: Car Transporter

Ref: 4x3

Ref: 4x3 (2)

Ref: 6x4 Deep

Ref: 6x4 Ramp

Ref: Single Quad

Ref: Double Quad

Ref: BP 1

Ref: BP 2

Ref: Double Quad

Ref: Double Quad 2

Ref: 8 x 4

Ref: 8 x 4 2

Ref: 4 x 3 ch

Ref: 4 x 3 ch 2

Ref: bp

Ref: bp 2

Ref: Small Quad

Ref: Small Quad 2


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These are just a few examples of the trailers we have for sale

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